3.5 y/o will not go #2 in the potty, any advice?

We have been potty training for a while now and he has mastered #1 however he continues to go #2 in his underwear. Will not tell us when he has to go - when we catch him in the act and make him sit on the toilet, he will not go. Most recently he has not even been telling us when he has gone in his pants - just letting us discover it. We have tried rewarding him for going on the toilet (there have been a handful of times when this has happened mostly from coincidence i think). Any suggestions appreciated


That's what happens when you start too soon and make too big if an issue. If your child is really ready this should only take a few days.


Don't rely on him to tell you he has to go. Set the timer every hour and when it dings, he needs to go sit on the toilet. Never tell him he HAS to poop or pee. He simply needs to sit there for a minute and see if something happens. If it doesn't, so be it. Set the timer for another hour. Eventually he's going to get fed up with being interrupted all the time. Then you can have a conversation with him about his choices which are: 1) Poop in the toilet on his own; or 2) Sit on the toilet when the timer dings. Some boys are late bloomers in this arena. Don't turn it into a huge struggle. If he's not ready, he's not ready.


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