Anyone have any embarrassing stories from when they babysat toddlers?

I'll start. It was first time babysitting for about 4 hours. In that time, the kid decided to poop. I had never changed a poopy diaper before so I got it done as quickly as possible. He went off to play, as I watched a movie with his sister. His mom came back later and checked his diaper. He had made another poopy diaper which she had to change. I was so embarrassed.

Suzy Q

That's not embarrassing, that's normal life and a pretty lame fetish to make up stories about. And no, I'm not going to feed your lame fetish with fecal anecdotes.


I was babysitting my nephew and, you'll laugh about this, but I accidentally sold his organs on the Dark Web! Wow, my sister was so p*ssed when she got home to find 2 Chinese surgeons ready to start harvesting! At the time it was very distressing, but we laugh about it now! ...except my nephew who died during complications after surgery


I was once babysitting this kid, he was probably around a year old. His parents went out of town unexpectedly, and brought his older brother and sister. It was weird, I'm not sure what they were doing, but all they packed were red suits and these black masks. Anyway, the kid set himself on fire, disappeared, floated, passed through walls, it was crazy!! Thankfully the official babysitter (this guy in a suit with a big S on the front) came by later and relieved me.