How soon should I test for pregnancy again?

Hi there! Okay, according to my period app my period should have come 2 days ago but I have very irregular periods and it rarely comes on time. On Tuesday, I thought I was starting my period. It was very very light and was a light pink/light orange rust/brown colors. Most of the time only showed up when I wiped and not on my pad but there was a little bit. This lasted until middle of yesterday and there is nothing now. I just bought a dollar tree test and it was as negative as can be. I have another but I want to know from others precious experiences, do you think this was implantation bleeding? I don't think I have ever spotted between or before my period before. When do y'all think I should take the other test? Thanks in advance!


for what as your not pregnant


Wait for 2 weeks


You had a light period.

Katherine W

I don't think you should take the other test. I think that's your period showing up. Implantation bleeding only happens to one in five women, and it's just a spot.