We decided to try for a baby. Our 1st is now 2 1/2.I happened to get off my pill right around ovulation. 3 days later i started bleeding.?



If you were on the Pill, there is no ovulation. So you stopped the Pill mid-pack and started bleeding. That's what happens when you stop the Pill. You have a withdrawal bleed. You may not ovulate for weeks. Tracking when you ovulation "might" have happened if you weren't on Pill means exactly nothing. You don't ovulate on the Pill, and counting days for ovulation is completely unreliable.


The bleeding is likely because you went off the pill.


So what is your question? You started bleeding because you stopped the pill. Not because you ovulated.


Going off the pill mid cycle is actually going to throw off when you ovulate next time by a significant amount of time. Target sells these test you can take to see when you're ovulating, so that may be helpful for you going forward. The bleeding is withdrawal bleeding from going off the pill.


You don't ovulate on the pill moron so that's not even possible