What Is The Best Age To Have A Baby?

I'm 26 will be 27 this year and I feel like its too late for me. My bf and I have been together going on 4 yrs and no baby yet. I'm so tired of my coworkers asking me when am I going to have a baby. They just don't know that its heartbreaking for me that I'm not pregnant. Everyone my age or younger has kids and then there's me. Its too late.. I'm going to be an old parent 😢😢

Oh boy

What ever age. There is no rule. Keep trying.


Being 26 myself, I have every reason to believe my 24, 25 or 26 or 27 year old wife would be perfect to impregnate, and we would have a life with children, 'cause I want a boy, then a girl, and it would be a first in the family to have twins, following those two....of course, it will help once we meet each other.


I'm turning 27 this year as well, and one of my cousins is pregnant. It made me jealous thinking about it, but we just need to keep trying is all. I would recommend tracking your cycle with an app, or a calendar so that you know when you are ovulating and when the best time to have intercourse is.


My wife is 29 and I am 33. We got married 3 years ago. First one year, we avoided vaginal sex. Later when we tried to have baby, we faced a couple of problems. Her hymen was thick so had to remove it surgically. Even after removing it, she was complaining about pain while penetrating. We tried slowly(use numbing creams etc) and one day we succeeded. This happened after 2 years! Then pain became less and she starting enjoying sex(but sometimes she complains about pain). Now, she's carrying. We tried for almost 1 year for baby as her periods were not regular. So, it was very difficult to calculate the exact dates when we should have sex to get pregnant. Anyway, it happened automatically at right time! So what I was telling you that, you are not old. 20s are best age to get pregnant. Even 30s wont make you so late. Assuming you both are sexually active for last 4 years and still you are not getting pregnant, it is the high time to see a doctor. You both need to visit Doctor. For the neighbors/colleagues you can tell, we are still young or not planning to have babies now something like that. I know, these kind of questions are really irritating. But they dont know what we are going through.


The average age for college-educated women to have their first child these days is just shy of 30, so you're not exactly falling behind averages jusy yet. Besides, doncha think you should talk to your BF about marriage first? You're not young kids and it's been 4 years, so if he's not ready now he's never going to be.


26 is still a bit on the young side, but not too bad. Waiting until you're 30-32 would be more typical and give you a chance to save more money and be more stable, but that does depend upon your career and how you're currently doing as far as savings. On average, it costs more than $200,000 to raise a child. Obviously you won't be able to save that much yet, but you should probably have a safe amount, like $40K or so, in case of medical issues and for paying for childcare etc.


I would say after you've been married for 5+ years & have at least $I00k saved up but here are many other factors to look at too.