A Question That Atheist/Evolutionist Couldn't Answer true or false?


Uncle Fester

Courts rely on evidence of events that have not been seen by the judge or jury. They evaluate multiple sources of forensic (scientific) evidence and the timelines of events to come to a conclusion. If you applied the same logic that appears in that video then NOBODY would ever be prosecuted. There is so much evidence for evolution that it is undeniable. You CAN see it yourself, there have been changes in many species that can be observed in our lifetimes. Yes they are small, but each change is a footstep on the great journey in time. I think what most fundamentalists cannot grasp is the sheer scale of time that evolution takes. Most humans do not live one million HOURS, yet it takes millions of years for appreciable change to be seen. Our single lives are just too fleeting to see the big picture in real life, we have to rely on the evidence. It is strange how fundamentalists will point out any holes they can make up in the science of evolution, yet they fail to apply any kind of demand of proof at all to their version of events.

Mr. Smartypants

LOL! There are no questions that atheists or scientists couldn't answer. The problem is that Christians don't accept those answers! Religions often seem to think they have to have an answer for any question, but science is all about being honest about what isn't known, or can't be known for sure. There are many questions Creationists ask over and over. They've been answered over and over, but Creationists simply ignore the answer and keep asking the question. The eye. Bacterial flagellum. The hurricane in the junkyard making an operational 747, the idea of evolution depending on 'pure chance'. Gaps in the fossil record! Or a thousand questions that begin 'How do you explain . . . '. The way Creationists use these questions is purely rhetorical. But there ARE answers. If you don't like them, don't accept them, that's YOUR problem. Gaps in the fossil record is one of my favorite examples of this. Creationists have posed this question for a century now, and during that time MANY transitional fossils have been found, smack in the middle of a gap. But where this happens, Creationists now see TWO gaps! 8^)


Evolution is proven from the fossil record, we can see it in action in bacteria, flies, we have to change the flu shot every year. It's just preposterous to me that these people exist. What they're doing is pushing people away from extreme insanity, possibly into another form of extreme insanity, on the other far side.

PW1,Church of the WalkingStick

That's a you tube link, not a question.


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True ... No false ... What is the question again. The question could certainly be answered by a theist. 95% of atheists could also answer it. But only 90% of evolutionists could. But they all would need to know what the question is.


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