Can i preform all of the veternary needs my goats needs at home? (like shots and pills) I want to get goats but taking them to the vet...?

Would be a hassle. I cant imagine taking 10 goats to the vet every year.


Vets for farm animals will come to you. While there are some things you can do for yourself, depending on where you live there may be things you cannot do legally. For example, in the USA you now need a prescription/order from your vet to administer antibiotics to livestock due to the overuse of antibiotics in the livestock industry contributing to development of resistant infections.


Normally the vet comes to you when you have barnyard animals.


Most vets would visit you so you don't have to take all of them in to the office. Depending on where you are, and if your vet thinks you are competent, determines if you can keep things like this on hand. Your vet can get you set up with whatever they think you need, but if they think you will use it properly is another question. If they don't think you are responsible enough, they don't help you out, so you would have to call them to come out every time something happens.


most medications can be ordered on line.


Ask your vet. You can do all those things yourself - your vet will educate you on how. . But what happens if the goats get sick or injured. Then you call the vet, or take the the injured/sick animal to the vet. It is best for the vet to come to your place so he/she can see all the other animals to verify there is nothing contagious etc going on. Vets are not only experts in treating animal illnesses etc, they are also expert in the proper way to keep animals to prevent accidents and illnesses from happening.


You must make love to the goats first. They will not trust you with their care and will rebel unless you make sweet, tender love to them in the beginning