Do your know how to establish oonw set of Annual Output 50,000 Tons Modern Design Rotary Drum Granulation Production Line?

Modern design annual output 50,000 tons rotary drum granulation production line and rotary drum granulator with the professional manufacturer of Huaqiang Heavy Fertilizer Equipment plant is widely used in compound fertilizer production, starting an fertilizer annual output 50,000 tons rotary drum granulation production line needs to take many factors into consideration, such as planning and design, production technology and market analysis. You need to understand the organic fertilizer market development at home and abroad, and the choice of the raw materials is also crucial in the rotary drum granulation production line, which has the wide adaptability for granulation of all kinds of organic fertilizer raw materials: livestock manure, agricultural waste, industrial waste and so on. The chicken manure, cow manure, pig manure are the valuable organic raw materials in the farm. Rotary drum granulator is suitable for large-scale production of cold, hot granulation and high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizer.


No. But these people have been doing that for 60 years. They are experts at it.