Does anyone find the level of Baby Boomer Narcissism disgusting?

These people are fat, politically uneducated, and they spat in the faces of their parents who died in wars by gutting their parent's retirement and children's education in the 1980s with Neoliberal Nonsense. They endorsed Reagan who shipped our jobs overseas to China with the Open Door Policy. and they have the nerve to waste money all their lives and waste our resources with their entitlement programs, And they have the nerve to get mad when their children aren't helping them enough.


They're a pretty sick generation.


Those damned hippies have ruined EVERYTHING. F*ck Beatlemania! I f*ckin' HATE the Beatles!!!


I am at the very end of the Babby Boomer generation. And I am not impressed with them as a general rule.


I find narcissism disgusting, but why put the limit on one generation? It is not limited to one age group?


Baby boomers were born after World War 2. So while some of them may have spat in their parents face, I don't see how they could have done that if their parents had died in the war.


Our generation grew up with the cold war. Many of us when we were young never expected the world would still be populated in 2018.


perhaps you should read up on history. At the very least, Do something about your lack of testosterone.


Just how Gay are you?