How come Half or 50-percent of the world's worker still work as peasants. The US has only about 1-2 percent of the workers in Agriculture.?



This is what the free market does for development. Other countries are still catching up, but none of them have the level of free market that the US has.


Because most of the world is at a lower level of development than the United States. As countries move up the economic ladder, people generally transition out of agriculture and into manufacturing and service employment. The US is a very developed economy, with high levels of capital investment, and ag employment has stabilized at about 2% of the workforce. Most of the world is nowhere near that level of development.


1. At the time of George Washington 1st US President 80- percent of the people were farmers living on the farm 2 now in 2020 the US is now 1-2 farmers. only about 1-2 percent of the people . farm average 500- acres. 1- percent of the people farm. 20-percent work in factory 80- PERCENT ARE NOW SERVICE WORKERS. 1- PERCENT FARM 20 -PERCENT WORK IN THE FACTORY 80- PERCENT WORK IN SERVICE FARM WORK IN FACTORY 80-PERCENT WORK IN SERVICE THE US IS 80--PERCENT SERVICE /DATA/INFORMATION PROCESSING IN 2020.2050


Look to the US 1. 1-2 percent of the workers now work in FARMING. The average farm is about 500- acres and requires 1-2 percent of the workers of the world. 2 About 20- percent in industry. 3. 80- percent of the workers are now in service. data processing worldwide.


Half of the world can't afford the machines or the infrastructure to support them, or don't grow crops that can be efficiently raised and harvested by machines.