Why R farms🚜 going Bankrupt?



Not all of them are, obviously, but the bottom line is that commodity prices are very low right now for a lot of products, and there just isn't enough revenue to cover expenses for some of them.


The basic answer is they aren't making enough money to pay the expenses. Many have debt that they shouldn't have, which is a great way to run a business into the ground. There's lots of federal mess involved messing up prices, drama with tariffs messing up prices, limiting water usage because of improper federal land management, etc. Many of the ones I've seen go bankrupt are using bad management practices.


Something about not making enough money to pay the staff and bills.


Because John Deere is very dear. Supermarkets are doing their best to reduce prices to us on all the things that farms produce eg corn wheat, potatoes, steak etc And agri firms are doing their best to increase the price of fertilizers. So small farms particularly, are not able to stay viable Some can by looking for niche markets. Many others go under and are snapped up at low prices by giant corporations.


many farm and building company bankruptcies are scams to avoid debts or to allow a cheap sale


because democrats don't eat farm fresh