Wouldn't America be better off with harvests being automated since humans spread diseases & machines don't? And the complex visa gangle...?

would finally be bypassed. .

mR JiNgLeS

If farmers could and it was affordable they would. Some farm practices will always be labor intensive.


It depends on the crop. Corn and soybeans? Already automated. Fruits and vegetables, not so much.


Yes, but it's not that easy to do. There are already machines for a lot of farming. Machines will not be as efficient as humans for a long long time. A corn farm near me harvests with machines, but the machines miss so much corn, that they let anyone come by and take whatever's left. I usually go with my family to the corn field and pick up corn for the homeless shelter. There is A LOT of corn left.

Actual Llewen

Some crops like the potato harvest and the corn harvest are, at high tech farms, totally automated.