Have you ever experienced anything that can easily be called paranormal or otherwise supernatural that cannot be explained by science?


Common Sense

My husband owned a two story sheet metal shop in an old factory building. The second story had a set of huge doors which were used to hoist finish products into a delivery truck. On this particular weekend, the husband and our sons (11 and 13) were emptying scrap angle iron and sheet metal of all types and sizes into a dumpster which was in the parking lot below the second story doors. The dumpster had very sharp metal scrap pieces in it along with angle iron, flat iron scraps, pieces of curled metal in all imaginable sizes and shapes, most with pointy or knife sharp edges. This went on for two days, so the dumpster was heavily loaded with all of this metal to be weighed and sold for it's weight. Of course the boys wore safety goggles and leather gloves and were given just small jobs with safety in mind. Our 11 year old had an old bicycle that he wanted to throw into the dumpster, so as he was doing so, he gave the bike a heave out of the second story doors when the bicycle handle was forced inside his glove and he went sailing out the door with the bicycle. My husband heard our son yell, looked over and saw nothing but heard a crash outside. He ran to the doors to find our son, laying on his stomach in the dumpster with the bicycle and screamed "don't move", while he ran downstairs to the dumpster in the parking lot. Much to my husband's amazement and my son's surprise, he was unharmed and without a single scratch on his body. No muscle strains, no bruising, no cuts...nothing. If you could have seen all of those sharp metal pieces jetting up and out in all directions, you, too would be amazed that our son was totally unharmed. I asked him what it was like flying through the air, knowing he was going to land either on the dumpster, in the dumpster or on the driveway. He said that at first he was scared to death, but then he suddenly felt warm and calm because he felt someone's hands under him and it was like he was gently placed on a pillow. Mind you, my deceased father-in-law was a co owner of the sheet metal shop and my son was born just a few weeks before my mother died. I am convinced that one of them is my son's Guardian Angel. There is nothing in this world that can convince me there is a scientific reason why my son fell out of a second story building into a sea of sharp metal objects and came out without a scratch.

Jeffrey K

Yes. In a physics lab, I sent electrons thru a double slit one at a time. They formed an interference pattern on the screen. So each electron must have gone thru both slits simultaneously and interfered with itself! This is something science can not explain. It must be paranormal.

Gary K

You can only really call something "paranormal" if you are able to 100% rule out all possible natural explanations for the experience. I doubt anyone has truly ever had such an experience.


Since Science does not know EVERYTHING yet, there is bound to be phenomena we cannot explain------ That's what we call "Supernatural" or "Paranormal"---the "Normal" we can't explain yet. Electricity was "Paranormal" 300 years ago.


Yes i worked in a place that was haunted people saw shadows I heard with another person footsteps just on the floor above us and no one was there the building was empty and a colleague had a pencil fly across her desk!! You think about it and there’s lots of things science can’t explain the world is a strange place



Raro Fidelis

No, I haven't, probably because I can tell when I am imagining things..

Mr. P

Yes. Sitting in a coffee shop on the second floor during lunchtime I saw a thinnish man wearing brown trousers and a waistcoat with his sleeves rolled up, pulling teeth from many people while restrained in a chair. A large man behind them held their heads still and their arms were strapped down with leather straps. A tall woman with hair done up took wide white bowls and buckets containing blood and rags through a rear door and down outside steps. All the patients were screaming. He was also operating on some of them, on arms, shoulders, legs - not something a dentist would do I thought. The coffee shop had no rear door at this level, only a rear room full of books. I researched the event at the city library. I found 4 original tax records books that were printed in 1850 -1853. In those, listed at this address it stated that the current owner (liable for tax) was a Surgeon Dentist and cupper. I did not know what a cupper was so looked that up. A cupper was known as a type of doctor that let blood as a cure by cutting an bleeding patients. This would account for the buckets of blood I saw. Also he was listed as a surgeon so would explain the other operations I saw. Also I found that at that date there were no anaesthetics which explained the pain these people were suffering. And finally, finding a map of the town printed in 1850 it showed that this line of buildings all had outside steps to the rear, but have since been developed and extensions built. Seeing this event from 168 years ago is impossible for any human alive today. I could not have witnessed it myself so is classed as paranormal. the evidence the event happened is confirmed in original printed material and the information is not easily found or common knowledge (not even the owners, workers or local ghost group or authors knew of it), and as far as I can tell the sighting cannot be explained by science today. The address is 22 Belmont Street Aberdeen, Scotland, and the Surgeon dentists name is Alexander Fowler if you want to follow up on the facts.


Yes, almost certainly. However, to say that it's paranormal required quite a lot of knowledge and judgement. You have to really know what it is. I had some beads hung from my closet door would shake back and forth for five minute intervals; I looked for, but didn't find, a source of vibration nearby, whether it be from construction, appliances, a person, animal, traffic or anything of that nature. This (the 5 minute perfectly timed intervals) made me realize that not only could it be paranormal but made me want to believe in the simulation theory. But as usual, people are probably not open minded. Believe me, they are likely to refute my claim, especially because this is Yahoo Answers, full of lowlifes.


Yes as a matter of fact I have and I am certainly no ignoramus.

English Guy

Yes, several times. I have already written about on here many times. Raro denies it but not so long ago, I read a post about her being reincarnated as a chicken. Even to this day she still has a thing about young chicks. EDIT! Also, I know an American English teacher on here who has to use a spelling program and until tonight, he didn't know that English spell sceptic differently from the American spelling Skeptic. In fact, he mocked me and claimed I only knew that thanks to the spelling program that he uses??? I had to explain that I have used that spelling since I was taught to read and write. He still thinks I should thank him. Surely, that has got to be paranormal and suitable for best answer?