Could the U.S. create a Moon Base?

That we made a large military base on the moon and called it a Moon Base. Since the Trump administration has talked about creating the U.S. Space Force to be a new military branch.


While Americans starve.


Technically, yes. The basic problem is WHERE do the materials to build the base come from. Do we bring them from Earth and have to get them out of Earth's gravity well at $10,000 per pound, or the Moon?. We have no mines in the Moon. There is no infrastructure. There is no oxygen.

Ronald 7

Very easily But why not make it a world wide venture ? We could do better and it would be more fair


We can land spacecraft on the Moon, so obviously the answer is 'yes', provided you have a trillion dollars to spend on it. What possible value would a staggeringly-expensive military base on the Moon have? Firing missiles at Earth? It would take them days to get here. Opposing other military bases on the Moon? There are no other military bases there, nor will there by in anything close to the near future. It's senseless. . .

Your Uncle Dodge!

If the USA needs to populate the moon to get away from what we are doing to Earth, we need a way to make an atmosphere, water, and grow plants there. Right now, that technology is decades away. We just sent a probe to see if we can live on Mars. They are checking for water and plant life now, and possible animal life at any time. That might also be a solution if something like nuclear war, a second Ice Age or a severe natural reaction to global warming makes this planet temporarily uninhabitable. Not sure who you think we would be fighting with a base on the moon. Hopefully, like Antarctica, the moon would be off limits to war.

Uncle Pennybags

If there was enough popular and political will to do so, I have no doubt it could be done.


the spaceforce are the peeps do do that,leave nasa twiddle their twoodles


that would be the biggest waste of resources ever


NASA doesn't even have a space shuttle anymore. They'd have to hire Elon Musk, China, or Russia.


It's possible, but it would be very expensive, and costly to operate... but, it could be done.

Walter B

The "Space Force" as a US military branch actually would violate UN and other international treaties and laws on Space. So would placing any MILITARY bases on any planet or moon. Edit -- I see the usual detractors and Americans who do not understand international law.

Jake No Chat

Yes, we could and we should, but it has to have a wall built around it to keep the aliens away.

Gilgamesh King of Uruk

Mars is a better idea, since it has potential