Do all stars have solar systems orbiting them?


Ronald 7

Probably not all of them But almost 4, 000 exoplanets have been discovered so far They are very numerous around the Kepler System


It's thought that at least *most* do... We aren't sure about 'all' of them.

Brad Watson, Miami, FL

Currently, it's estimated that 1/2 of all stars have at least one planet orbiting them.


believed that the majority have planets, but the term solar system is exclusive to the Sun


Nobody knows, as we don't know about all the stars. But so many do that "most of them" would be about right.

Tom S

No way to know that, we can only observe a very tiny percent of all the stars in the observable universe, never mind knowing details of their "systems".


Not the way you are thinking about them, but most likely they do have planets of some type, or other objects or gasses. A solar system is a star and the area that it has gravitational controle over. solar comes from the word sol or sun.


Not necessarily. Planets have yet to form around some younger stars. And we don't know that all stars have planets.


Not necessarily, but most probably do There are rogue inter galactic stars that escape from galaxies and take their planets with them.


Yes, though all solar systems don't have planets.