Do you think we will explore Uranus in our Lifetime?



We haven't even explored most of Mars yet - oh, wait, you're probably trying to be clever. Guess what? You're not.


Probably not, its too far and other planets that are closer are more interesting.

Mike G

Oh look, another Uranus joke. How original.


It all depends on whether you are talking science or an act of debauchery.

vignesh v

It is planet it is consider in astrology


What is there to see at Uranus? It's a dull planet and it's moons are also dull. With exception of Miranda. The planet itself is not that interesting. We cannot do much there. Better focus on worlds that are more suitable for us to create colonies. Only two worlds are fairly capable of that. Those are Mars and Saturn's moon Titan. Me personally favoring Titan.

Roger the Mole



Not unless "we" is a K-pop girl band.


I am convinced that the energy future of humanity is in controlled thermonuclear fusion power, using the Deuterium-Helium3 reaction. However, Helium3 is not available on Earth. Helium3 can be mined from our Moon, but most of it can be obtained from the atmospheres of the gas giant planets, with the escape velocity of Uranus being the lowest and therefore the easiest of the gas giants. So we can expect a great deal of gas mining in Uranus' atmosphere in 100 years or so. Or maybe you are trying to put forth some 5th grade humor. If so, I will wait until you have grown up a little more before continuing our discussion.


No. too Far away and too hostile.



The Real Grim Grady

I'm only into girls, bro.