Does the universe include both space and time(including past, present and future)?


Ronald 7

The Past Doesn't Matter, we cant change it The Present is what we are doing now I am drinking Beer and Smoking Joints, Does that Matter ? The Future is what we make it


In special relativity, not only are the rates of time relative to reference frames, the past, present, and future are also reference frame relative. This comes directly from the concept of the relativity of simultaneity. If two events are simulataneous in one reference frame, one of the events can be in the past or future (depending on motion toward or away) of another frame that is in relative motion. This led to Einstein’s famous quote that “the distinction between past, present, and future is a stubbornly persistent illusion”. So, does the above give you access to the past or future of another reference frame? The answer to that is no. The constant - and limited - velocity of light (the maximum speed of causality) prevents causal access to the past or future of other frames.


Yes, is the simple answer.

Jeffrey K

Yes. The universe is the entire 4 dimensional spacetime continuum and everything that is in it.


When the universe started from the big bang space, time and matter in the universe's past is in the present and will be there in the future.


No. Time only exists as a human concept used to quantify change in the states of matter (water to steam) or as the inverse of distance and velocity. But “time” is not actually a physical thing or dimension that can be entered like space or a wormhole. Such premises are only the stuff of bad science fiction. Why? Because if time travel was actually possible and a living person could go back in time 100 years that would mean that they could enteract with people who have physically died. We know that death is permanet and the events that happen 100 years ago can not be changed. Time is a made man concept that aids in quantify certain phenomena; assigning anything more to it is just romantic fantasy.

vignesh v

God is in the fourth dimension ( time ) he can go to any of the time


Yes, it does. That is WHY it is called the space TIME continuum. Entropy goes in only ONE direction, forward. The speed of our perception of how fast time is passing is dependent on our metabolic rate. Time really is faster FOR YOU, when you are having fun. That includes mental fun.