If we were to represent the Sun with a tennis ball (~2.5 inches across), how far away would we place our object representing Pluto.?



this is a simple matter of ratios. you should be able to figure out all the distances in about 30 minutes

Abu Hajaar

look up the distance the sun is from pluto irl and convert to inches. look up the diameter of the sun and convert to inches. then its a linear relationship so you can just use a proportion to solve for the numerator on the right hand side below. ex. (Sun to Pluto irl)/(Sun diameter irl) = (Sun to Pluto tennis ball)/(Tennis Ball Diameter tennis ball)


Solar diameter = 864000 miles. Distance from Sun to Pluto = 3.67 billion miles. So what you want is (2.5 inches)*(3.67 x 10^9)/(8.64 x 10^5) = 10619 inches or 885 feet.