Would the summer in the pole be extremely hot if the axial tilt of the Earth were 90 degrees (similar to Uranus)?

since it will get a continuously 24 hrs the sun at the zenith during the summer Also, will the equator become very cold during the equinox due to its very low solar angle Also, will the equator become very cold during the solstice due to its very low solar angle

Ronald 7

Yes The pole would be a Desert And the Equator would freeze It would play Havoc with the weather on our little Planet


It would be rather warm... it would go from 6 months of complete dark, to sunrise, to the sun being directly overhead 3 months after sunrise. The many days of near-direct sunlight would heat things up quite a bit.


one pole tilted to the sun would mean that pole would be the hottest place on the planet. there would be no day/night or seasons


Yes, the Pole would then be the point on the planet's surface that was receiving the most heat from the Sun.


Yes, if the tilt was towards the sun.


Of course it would. Why isn't that obvious to you? There would then be times when the pole has the Sun directly overhead. Now think about some other consequences. Obviously the equator would be the coldest place, and the polar ice would melt and flood all low-lying land.

Kat Heart

Yup, Florida would be frozen over, and the ice caps would melt and flood us all.