Explain how the Biuret's test, Lugol's iodine test, and Benedict's test may be used to determine an enzyme's function?

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The biuret test measures protein in a solution. Iodine is used to detect starches and Benedict's test detects certain sugars. How you might use these would completely depend on what enzyme you are trying to exam. So, for example, if you are studying amylase, you could mix the enzyme with a solution of protein and over time use the biuret test to show that the amount of protein remains constant. Therefore, amylase does not degrade proteins. When you mix amylase with a sugar solution, you can show using the Benedict's test that nothing changes. So, amylase does not do anything to sugars. However, if you mix amylase with starch, you can use iodine to show that over time, the starch goes away. At the same time, you can use Benedict's test to show that while the starch is going away, sugar is appearing. Therefore, amylase breaks down starch and forms sugar from it. That help?