Is it possible for a male to surgically change his pelvis to get a female pelvis?

I m an artist and as an artist you study human anatomy lot to accurately draw it. One of the things you learn with the human skeleton is that male and female bones differ quite a lot, especially the pelvic area. So I wondered, what would men with a female pelvis look like and vise versa, which lead me to another question: Is it possible for a male to get a pelvic enlargement the same way it is possible to surgically make yourself taller by breaking and stretching the legs? Im butchering the explanation but I hope someone understands what I mean.

Elaine M

It's not the legs that do it, it's the bone shape. And no, they wouldn't do that. All your leg muscles attach to the outer curve of the hip bones. Destroying those connections to shave down the bone would basically take away your ability to walk for the rest of your life.


That would be very difficult and very painful Like with people who have their legs made longer, but worse

Pearl L

i would think anything is possible