Were both theories fully scientific?

Discuss, in detail, charles darwin’s theory of evolution, “natural selection” using a specific example such as the spotted moths or Darwin’s Finches. Contrast darwin’s theory with Lamarck's earlier theory of evolution: “the inheritance of acquired characteristics.” Were both theories fully scientific?


"Discuss in detail" - obviously you don't understand that Yahoo is a question and answer forum, not some place for you to copy/paste your homework assignment and have someone else do your homework for you. Here is a website you can copy/paste from so you don't actually have to learn anything. https://www.mytutor.co.uk/answers/2529/GCSE/Biology/Explain-the-difference-between-Lamarck-s-and-Darwin-s-theory-of-evolution-Why-was-Darwin-s-more-successful/


Lamarck's laws of use and disuses are just laws, not a theory because the explanation of the fact is missing. Lamarck noticed that over generations, evolution tend to strengthen useful and actually used organs when disused organs become atrophied and eventually disappear. But he didn't give any explanation. Darwin later stated that natural selection was the explanation behind evolution, and the laws became a theory. About "Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics": If it's a homework, admit it with your teacher that "Lamarckism" is a synonym of "Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics": But this is totally wrong, It's a misunderstanding of Lamarck's ponderous French, common in the Anglo-Saxon world. Instead of actually read Lamarck's work, they trusted his creationist opponent Cuvier who mocked him with the giraffe who "wanted" a longer neck. In fact: - Lamarck only mentioned that the idea of inheritance of acquired traits existed but never acually used it in his works (not his subject). - Cuvier made up the inherited stretched giraffe neck joke in his eulogy at Lamarck's funeral (not fair!) - At some point, Darwin did admit Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics - German Weismann eventually refuted it.


Evolution. 1. Lamarck - Theory of Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics, first presented in 1801 (Darwin's first book dealing with natural selection was published in 1859): If an organism changes during life in order to adapt to its environment, those changes are passed on to its offspring. 2. Charles Darwin - Survival of the fittest by natural selection. Applies the above law where an organism may change during adaptation to its environment. Some changes are favored, some are rejected. The organisms with most acceptable changes survives. Finches: On his visit to the Galapagos Islands, Charles Darwin discovered several species of finches that varied from island to island, which helped him to develop his theory of natural selection. Both theories are fully scientific. These are based on scientific observations. Evolution alone does not explain origin of species or animal/human and other life forms.

CRR: Darwin’s theory of evolution

Darwin’s theory of evolution: Natural selection is testable and observable and is scientific. (And Darwin didn't originate it. He borrowed it from Blyth among others). The idea that all life originated from a few, or only one, original primitive life forms remains a hypothesis rather than a scientific theory.