Why are some people more hairy than others and does it have to do with good genes?



It has a lot to do with genes. Whether or not those particular genes are "good" is entirely a matter of opinion.


yes along with hormones That said my testoterone is low but my hairyness is high

Bobby Jim

It's all individual genetics. My father, brother, and uncles were mostly hairless, except in their privates. I, on the other hand have enough hair on my body that's it's often a nuisance.

Uncle Fester

I have got more hairy as I have got older. Except on my head. As far as I am aware, being hirsute is not linked to anything useful, apart from keeping warm without clothes.


Ancient DNA.

Spirit of All

It has to do with genes


I think it's genetic. I haven't shaved since I was 13 and I have no hair on my body.


Genes, yes. Whether good or bad is up for debate. Hairier people fare better in cold climates.