Anywhere outside usa, i have a huge selection of edible plants: why does usa stores limit me to only a few edible plants?



In the USA, instead of shopping only at supermarkets, try "farmer's" markets, ethnic markets (such as Mexican, Indian, Chinese), and specialized produce markets. You can find much more variety than what is offered in the major supermarket chains.


Price People tend to buy the cheaper foods So supermarkets stock more of the food that people mostly buy. Cheaper foods tend to be more abundant on farms. eg corn verses strawberries. So the price of corn is less than strawberries (per weight). So people buy more corn than strawberries. And more so for less common foods. It is the same in any country. Products that get sold in large quantities have the lowest price. another example is the price of peanuts verses Brazil nuts


Supply and Demand usually determines which articles and foodstuffs are for sale at all stores. I would recommend you get a book on edible plants, their growing region, etc., and go on a lot of hikes and just pick them yourself.


usa edible plants are sprayed with cancer causing chemicals. i call usa edible plant foods DIRTY!!!!!!! i often go to canada to get a huge choice of clean edible plants.


they gotta be clean !!!