Is marijuana thats really really dry bad quality?

It feels like leaves off a tree that have fallen it’s so dry


Put them in a ziplock bag with a slice of fruit or bread and it will moisten back up.


It is much better than the alternative which is too moist and mold. It is still lower quality than most professionally grown stuff. They leave it to dry slowly in a paper bag or something like that in about 70 percent humidity for a week or two until twigs start to snap. Then it gets put in jars and opened occasionally to breath and dry some more. It allows it to age more naturally. If you put it in jars sooner you get mold. They also stop fertilizing it for the last couple of weeks. I think the chlorophyll is harsh and that aging reduces the harshness. Very dry recently grown is lower quality and more harsh. It should have even more THC by weight though. It is just the harshness that makes it lower quality. It probably means they are worried about mold and not experienced in aging it or didn t take the time to do it for some reason.

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Not necessarily. It will dry out on its own if you leave it out. Will burn faster, might seem harsh. I don't think there is a lot of loss of active chemicals from drying out. Never did any experiments to find out though.

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If one wanna die , then good to use it any way