Why don't we use the "Noni" Fruit as standard prison food, especially after watching Coyote Peterson puke after just smelling it?



Because "we" have compassion for our fellow human beings. Of course, this policy would get you off the streets - and off Yahoo Q and A: “Having fun at a Neo Nazi's expense at work today? At Mc Donalds today, I walked up to the table were three neo nazis were sitting.. I knew they were neo nazis because of their swastika tattoos..I walked up to the table and I said..Hi, how are you ? My name is Andrew Evans... And I sat down with them...And I called the manager over. And I said to one them..From my understanding, please forgive my left hand if it's wrong..but....(Then I very quickly punched the guy sitting across the table from me with a stiff left snapping jab) It sent him falling backwards out of his chair, onto the floor. Then I put my arm across the shoulder of the guy sitting beside me..and I squeezed his neck, and then pushed his face into the big mac.. and I said...Oh I'm sorry... My left hand doesn't seem to like pieces of dog sh!t...Please forgive me, for my misunderstanding...but... that's what my left hand thinks you are...so I'm going to trust my left hand today... Then I said...Oh what's the matter white honky...Ain't ya gonna do a motherf)uckin' damn thing about this ? Then I picked the guy's head up out of the big mac box... and then pied him with a chocolate ice cream.. Then I said...Hey look its an improvement, he actually isn't such a pale, pasty pastrami eating cracker motherf)ucker anymore...Now he has some color ! lmfao !” https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20190109041930AAhb5Lb


prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. We aren't compassionless animals.