I'm confused between these two terms.Help?

What is the difference between Enthalpy 'H' and quantity of heat 'q'?. Help


Enthslpy is a property of a system. Heat is not a property. You can’t say an ice cube at 10 degrees C has 15 Joules of heat. Heat is a mechanism of transfer of thermal energy from one location to another and is not something contained within a system. Enthapy is a quantity that describes something about the system, specifically what is the total of energy internal to the system plus the work it took to put the system together.


The quantity of heat is a measurement of the amount of heat is present. Enthalpy is a thermodynamic property of a system. It is the sum of the internal energy added to the product of the pressure and volume of the system. It reflects the capacity to do non-mechanical work and the capacity to release heat.