Are there still buyyies in college or do people outgrow it by then?



Yes there are bullies in college and graduate school the verbal abuse defamation gets more vicious in graduate school. Many people NEVER emotionally mature. All students are pawns on a multi level mental chessboard. Politics in academia can be just as vicious or even more vicious than anything you have seen in national or international politics. Right now the current president and past president of the University of Oklahoma are in a big controversy. The current president has been very unprofessional.


I, too, would like to know what 'buyyies' are and why the OP cannot write a coherent and literate question and why people run to answer such a poorly written question. The word 'buyyies' does not exist in the English language. It is to be found in neither the "Oxford English Dictionary" nor the Merriam-Webster dictionary of English.


They are less common but still exist. They bully in different ways though. Watch your step around the football frats on a Friday or Saturday night. Not exactly bullying, but they do tend to get overly exuberant in a potentially violent way if you cross them. It is the culture. You will encounter verbal aggression from certain members of society, no matter what age group. The abuse is a lot less physical in the adult world, although it can get that way. Donald Trump, president of the US, is a bully. His type is not common, but it is not rare either.


There are bullies of all ages both in and out of college.