How do galactic cosmic rays affect the Earth's Climate?

Danish Professor Henrik Svensmark is a leading physicist of cosmic radiation. At the end of last year, he made a presentation at the 12th International Climate Conference in Munich, where he demonstrated that the climate is indeed modulated in large part by cloud cover, which in turn is modulated by solar activity in combination with cosmic rays.


Not enough to be responsible for the warming trend we've observed ...


They are a factor in cloud seeding. So is dust. There is no evidence that changes is GCR is the cause of current warming. It would be interesting to do a trend analysis of GCR. Unfortunately, WFT doesn't have GCR as a dataset.


No change as they're not strong enough to at present.


"he demonstrated that the climate is indeed modulated in large part by cloud cover" and you keep saying the greenhouse effect is a hoax That is the greenhouse effect! BIG OIL LOVES YOUR MISINFORMATION


very little compared to greenhouse gases


All of your answers are in your assigned reading.

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We don't really know. It may have a significant effect and the correlation we have seen from previous periods of magnetic storms with climate is a hell of lot better than the correlation with our CO2 emissions and warming. If they do affect earth's climate, it is probably through the Iris Effect. I'm not convinced either way.