I have metereology question about waterspouts?

Can waterspouts be black. Tell me why. If waterspouts are grey blue or white why can't it be black. Water is clear, not blue white or grey. So if waterspouts can be blue white or grey even though water isn't grey white or blue. Then waterspouts can be black then

Atarah Derek

A waterspout's color depends on two main factors: 1. The color of the material it's picking up 2. The angle of the light on it If a waterspout or tornado is backlit, it can appear black. Also, water does, in fact, scatter more blue light than it does red or green light.


The water in a waterspout is divided up in droplets. The color is a function of the ambient lighting and the size of the droplets. With the exception of nighttime, as Henry suggests, there is no combination that will give black.


Water spouts can indeed be black


Yes of course. Especially at night.