What action will help you protect data in your computer in case of an earthquake?



Back it up to the cloud, so you're not relying on anything not physically present where you and the earthquake are. Even if your computer is destroyed, along with the rest of your home, your neighborhood, your entire town, your data will be there waiting for you. Gas leaks are a huge danger when major earthquakes happen. They start fires or even explosions in which little survives.


Keep it on an expansion drive. Seal the drive and put it into a 50 pound safe. Cheaper, but not as easy as a cloud drive.

Pearl L

probably save it on a folder

Atarah Derek

Saving frequently and hoping the computer's main memory disks survive. You might also consider saving your most important documents in a secure online cloud.


The data on the hard drive shouldn't be affected. The earthquake will not likely destroy the drive or erase/jumble the stored data. It could, but it probably will not. this is really just the same question for data loss from any possible cause. If it is that important, then you should have a backup. If you house got destroyed and the computer trashed, and the hard drive could not be saved, well, that could happen any day from fire, so like in olden times people had safes for important papers, you should too, or have an off-site storage (the "cloud", perhaps). The question is, really, how do you safeguard your data in case of catastrophic loss? If your backup is an external drive sitting on your bookcase on the other side of the room (which is what I do), then you will be SOL if there is a fire.


Back it up to an external drive and lock that drive away in a waterproof, sealed bag in a safe deposit box at your local bank.


get a cloud account through amazon or microsoft or google and keep your important stuff there. that is what I do