When man was evolving, was earth a very different alien world?



man is still evolving, so your question (?!) is moot


The history of "man" only goes back half a million years. In general, Earth has not changed much during that short interval. "WE" (humans) have changed Earth in our recent history (last 10,000 years) by inventing and developing agriculture and animal husbandry (especially by increasing the number of large ruminants), by covering large areas with non-water-absorbing surfaces (roads, parking lots). There are also local natural changes (large earthquakes rearranging local geography, volcanic activity getting rid of a forest, etc.). But overall, Earth then would not appear too alien to us (unless, of course, you expect a shopping centre every five kilometres)

Atheist Dude

Yes no cities or towns but other then that no.


We had large fluctuations of climates, with Ice Ages and so on, that's the obvious change I see. But otherwise Earth has not changed that much on that time scale, mankind is kind of recent.


It was different but not alien.

Tom S

Evolution only stops with extinction.


the Atlanticwas a bit narrower


No it was not.


We were probably hermaphrodites at one point... I don't believe in the monkey theory that we evolved from them tho.. however I feel as though we were cross bread with monkeys to enable us to live on earth.. or to enable us to move like them or something.. idk it just feels too lucky that we just 'existed' out of nowhere


Yes. Early man had to compete with the dinosaurs.


Created, not evolved.