Why are there no palm trees in Antarctica?


Weasel McWeasel

Actually, don't be too sure about . Scientists *have* discovered fruit trees, UNDER the Artic ice. .......proving that the Antarctica, was once a tropical climate. Earth Crust displacement, continental shift, Magnetic polar shift reversal, and other geological factors over the eons, all changed the weather and LOCATION of what is now Antarctica , to what we know it as today. In fact, radar and other studies of the ice, show that UNDER all that ice......it's actually TWO islands, with a river bewteen them........that has long since been frozen over , and then covered with snow and ice,...,,,making it LOOK like one Island. But if you ever melted ALL the snow and ice.....it's actually TWO islands. some even believe, one of them, may even be the fabled Atlantis.


The Penguins ate them all.

SSP Bowl Dude

Palm trees are the sworn enemy of penguins. No penguins in Hawaii either.


Trees evolve to grow anywhere so itโ€™s not too cold, it govt interference

Tom S

Penguins ate them all.


It is too cold and there is no water available. Antarctica is a desert.


It's to cold.


There are no trees at all in Antarctica. The permafrost makes it too harsh of an environment for trees and shrubs to grow. There is grass in some places though.


Palm trees require lots of sunshine and warmth, there is very little of either in Antarctica.


There are no Trees of any kind. Too much ICE. Antarctica is completely covered in ICE.




It's too cold


Not a one. Not enough global warming... yet. Give it time.


There were millions of years back . There might be again in future


there are, but they're so fkucing small


Because you are a weak troll.

Jan D

Because there's no soil there and the tmperature is too cold to sustain plant life.