Any engineers out there?

There are three floors already biult, and we are in the process of building two further floors. Now the geological survey report has came out that the average compression strength is 4.7MPA and allowable bearing capacity is estimated at 800kpa. Is this a solid foundation to hold 5 concrete floors?


please go see a professional structural engineer in person and pay his fees for his technical advice


Yes, of course it is ok. Why stop at 2? Put another 5 floors up there. And when it collapses, just tell the court that some random stranger on the internet said it was ok.

Adam D

As you are constructing a multi-story building, one which you have already hired a geotechnical engineer to do testing for, you probably have other engineers involved as well. They will provide this answer. Engineers can't give you an answer like this online, without adequate information. It would be unethical, and could leave whoever says "OK" responsible if something goes wrong. Furthermore, engineers are licensed professionals. Would you expect a doctor or lawyer to work for you for free?

Markus Imhof

Yes. I mean, if you base the construction of a 5 floor building on what someone on the internet said, I also have a lovely bridge here that I could sell to you.


Has the building been approved for 5 floors? Do your engineers think it will support 5 floors?