Can one afford a Ferrari if they become an engineer?



not if you're a computer engineer

Maybe it's just me

Yes, but most won't spend their money on a Ferrari. They will buy a house and an F150


I know lots of engineers and not very many that have the money to spend on a Ferrari, even an old used Ferrari. The ones that have that kind of money did not generally get it from practicing engineering.


Yes, if (a) they forego other large expenditures or (b) they use their engineering skills to become an entrepreneur. I particularly want to disagree with the responder who pushed you towards chemical engineering. At the moment that is one of the WORST majors you could choose, because the number of BS degrees being awarded each year in that field exceeds the number of Chem. Eng. openings by a factor of eight to ten.

oil field trash

You are not automatically paid a salary sufficient to do that. As with all professions, it is what you do and how you handle your money that determines what you can afford. Most engineers would look at this question and ask why? The car is way to expensive, can't really use ifs full potential on most street, road or highways in the world. They would look at such a purchase and say it is not a good use for the money spent.


Depends on your major, your degree and the work you do in the future. Let's be clear " software engineering " is not real engineering. It is a slightly more fancy term for computer science major. Chemical engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering are the main majors that could get high paying jobs. Civil engineering, industrial engineering and other fields will probably earn less.


If that is all he/she wanted, and they lived at home until the car was paid off.


if you don't care where you have to live ................................


no but there are doctors who own multiple porsche's and mercedes benz