Combining two Piezoelectric buzzers in series, voltage?

So I'm a bit of a novice to electronics. I want to have two piezoelectric buzzers in a series. They each operate at 12v each. I want to have a single battery system. Can I just have the battery rated to 24v, or will that not make the buzzers output the same volume at the same rate? How do I make them connect together properly? If that makes any sense? Thanks.


Piezo buzzer contains a electronic circuit which would not work while put 2 such devices in series. Put them in parallel and power them with 12V is the right way to do it.


Do you have the spec paper for each of them? It will list the voltage and the current for the unit. First the should be of the same voltage like 12V. Second they should list the current. If one is 1 A and the other is .75A then the power for them both in parallel would be 12V and 1.75A. If your battery is large enough to supply 12 V @ 1.75A then you are all set. If both are the same say 12v @ 1A each then a 24V @ 1A battery would work. In other words, If they both use the same current you can put them in series.