I am buying a chinese steam flow meter for our boiler. The meter is rated in m3/hr and I am used to lb/hr. How do I work out the conversion?

My estimated consumption is 10,000 lb/hr, but this seller has its equipments in m3/hr. I assume I need to get to kg/hr using steam temp (265 F) and from there work the volume using desnsity (0.646 m3/Kg @ 130 ªC), but in steam I am kind of lost!.


Buy such meter that has both scales.


the meter of required accuracy will be calibrated with the working fluid which in ur case is steam and the meter manufacturer will provide the calibration chart specifying the conditions used for calibration and u will have to do the calibration periodically. The manufacturer will specify at what temperature and pressure the volumetric flow rate is measured.

Captain Matticus, LandPiratesInc

10000 lbs => 10000 / 2.205 kg Your units are backwards on the density. It should be kg/m^3 0.646 kg/m^3 = (10000 / 2.205) kg / (x m^3) 0.646 = 10000 / (2.205 * x) x = 10000 / (2.205 * 0.646) x = 7020.3520004493025280287553617938 10000 lbs at 0.646 kg/m^3 works out to 7020.35 cubic meters