Need help with solar basics?

I saw a 1kw (1000w) panel pack on amazon for $1k and I d like to know what’s it going to be enough for and what else is there that I need to complete the setup, I mean the batteries, charge controller etc. To make it short, here is what I d like to power with solar 1 PC with 600W PSU Led lights total 100W Some water pumps and stuff 200W I know that’s a lot but my primitive brain thought “hey, it’s within 1KW” so it should work. And then there’s the charge controller thingie and the batteries, I have no idea which ones am I going to need and how many. I’d apricate any help. Thanks in advance.

Maybe it's just me

First, its important to remember that energy used is in watt hours, where power is in watts. Power x time = energy So figure how many hours per day you want your computer, lights, and water pumps and stuff to go. Use that little formula, and you will understand your demand. Your 1000W panel will give you 1000W on the longest day of the year when it is facing the sun exactly. Every other day and normal clouds reduces it. In a good fixed orientation, your 1000W panel operating correctly will likely give you 125 kwhr/month in July and half that in December. That number does depend on your latitude and weather, so thats an estimate.Operate everything 8 hours/day, you will use about 7.2kwhr/day ~ 216 kwhr/mo.