You are tasked to design a micro system that receives sensor data from multiple sensors and stores it on board.?

Once a user connects an external system (such as a laptop or desktop) to this system, you should allow the data stored on the micro system to transfer to the external system. A complete answer will address each of the problems below:  The bus type used to connect the sensor to the system  How the micro system detects a connection to the sensor  How data transfer from the sensor to the micro system is initiated OR how the system will detect that new data is available on the sensor  How the micro system handles the data internally  How the micro system initiates storage within the system  How the micro system retrieves data from memory  How the micro system transfers data to an external system Describe the types of connections you would apply to the system and the path the data will take. Also describe if and when you think interrupts should be used (HINT: Think about what happens when you want to download data from the micro system). See the diagram below for an outline of the micro system:


A good design exercise as this reflects what you need to do when designing an actual system. Don't let others give you the answer or you will be a failure in real life. BTW, the block diagram isn't a micro system, it's a full blown computer which is difficult to interface to. A little Atmel micro is easier to interface sensors to, then have it talk to your computer.

Markus Imhof

And unless you give a better description of "Sensor" including their specifications, that question is so open that basically any answer could be considered valid. Personally, I'd use an Arduino Nano for that. Mega if you want a touchscreen integrated into the design. Physically having to connect the readout PC to the design is so 20th century, though. Never heard of WLAN or Bluetooth?

Peter H

It is clear that you are determined not to do your own homework, as I have already seen this question posted on Quora.


This sounds like a good one. Good luck !