How can the Ganges River be cleaned?


JosephV: Money does not help

Money does not help: The recent 20,000 crore rupee project did not do much. Approximately 12,000 million litres a day (MLD) of sewage is generated in the Ganga basin, for which there is currently a treatment capacity of just 4,000 MLD. Industrial pollution from tanneries in Kanpur, distilleries, paper and sugar mills in the Kosi, Ramganga and Kali river catchments is a major contributor. I believe that though money can make no change, life will find a way to clean the river as years go by. Once man does realize the need to clean the polluted river and man develops ecosystem-friendly ways in agriculture and industries, then the river will become clean and return much more in terms of transport, aquatic life, and more.


By changing the behavior of the corporations and people that use it. But I'm not holding my breath on that happening.


Not sure when you will still have people bathing in it and throwing cremated ashes in it.