How European is South America?


Good Bye

Not at all.

John P

About as much as India, but rather more than several parts of Africa. Really that is a question which needs answering in an extended essay or a small book.

Tundra Rob

The proportion of people of European ancestry ("Blancos" or "Whites") varies widely depending on the country. Argentina 85% Bolivia 12% Brazil 47% Chile 52% Columbia 37% Ecuador 10% Guyana 0.5% Paraguay 20% Peru 23% Suriname 1% Uruguay 88% Venezuela 42% These number do not include people of mixed ancestry such as Mestizos (White and Native Indian) and Mulatos (White and Black).


It is South American – the clue is in the name. Maybe at some time parts of Europe and South America formed a giant super continent but you would have to go back a few years for that.