Im moving to Scotland in a year from the states and I know little to nothing of how life is over there. Any help would be amazing. Thanks?



Much the same as the rest of the UK and any modern western country.

LadyMerton: Online newspapers https

Online newspapers Online Radio books Magazines Face book pages on Scotland Just use a Search engine and Presto!


Where in Scotland? To do what? What do you need to know?


Hope you have a work permit /job offer.


If you haven't been to England then you won't know how different Scotland is. It definitely has the feel of being its own special country. The currency is worth the same as in England but just has different designs, though shops in England aren't pleased to receive it as they can't force customers to accept it as change. The same the other way around. Best to search the student sites for lifestyle info:


That's far too wide a question. If you want to know about anything specific, that will be answerable.


Life ??? It is the same as anywhere else in the UK or the States. Apart from a lot of rain what do you expect to be different?


You should watch a documentary called 'Trainspotting'.


DVD's are popular there.