Is London mostly white in the center?



The city of London(that 1 square mile) itself is mostly white, but the rest of London is now a multicultural experiment. There are people from all over the world who populate London.

Ronald 7

Armadilloes Smooth in the inside and Crunchy on the outside !!


No it’s dogs ****


British natives are cream (light orange-yellow) in color. The geography (latitude) favors whites, though blacks are given an opportunity based on qualifications and merit for social reasons. The black populations of Russia is about 1%. Obviously, the cold climate is the reason for the sparseness. However, pure whites are in Russian and Persian regions.

John P

What do you mean by "white". Are you asking whether you will see mostly white people there (probably, but darker skins would be close in number)? Or are you asking if it is mostly white people who live near the centre of London?


Pink and fluffy in the center, crusty on the exterior.


In the wealthy areas, yes.


Yeah! Lack of sunlight! That would depend on how you define 'white'. After all, some racially inclined 'whites' do not consider Arabs to be white and most of central London, including some of the most famous stores, are owned by Arabs. Those parts not owned by Arabs are in the hands of Russians and Russia extends all the way to Vladivostok.


The republic of the City of London is such when they kick out the black embezzlers.