Is there a relationship between our latitude position and the high diversity of life forms in the country?



Yes. Countries in the same latitude are similar in the flora and fauna, landscape and climate, race and behavior of people. USA, Israel, Italy, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Philippines, South Korea, and other countries in this region have the highest population and the best civilizations developed. Israel has a temperate climate with greatest diversity. As we move north, the climate becomes cold, and as we move south it becomes hot.


No. Egypt and Mexico are the same latitude, and vastly different diversity of life forms. India and Saudi Arabia, ditto. Venezuela and Ethiopia, ditto. But Italy and Japan at same latitude, same diversity.

John P

" the country? In WHICH country???!!! There are 196 countries in the world. Do you not understand that any website which offers answers to questions has respondents from all parts of the world? You get answers at random from any part of the world. There are many countries in most latitudes with high diversity of life forms.


The vertical angle between your northern horizon and the place in the sky where you see Polaris is very nearly the some angle as your north latitude. Many people is developing countries are more vulnerable to climate change impact at middle of the high latitude cereal crop yeild are to products to some marine species to color water range outside of their normal range.


No. There is no connection between the two things.