Is there any proof that the world map's shapes of the continents are correct?

I'm not a conspiracist or anything I'm just trying to be sure I'm looking at the right map.

John P

In modern times satellite photos could confirm general shapes of parts of the world. Any paper map or map seen on a screen shows some distortion because you cannot show a round surface as a flat surface - try wrapping a ball in a piece of paper. Mapmakers keep such distortions to a minimum. For more accurate visual shapes, look at a geographical globe - there must be at least one in your school, or you might even have one at home.


proof? How about photos from space


There as correct as they can be using Mercator projection. The method of making maps of a round world on flat paper. There is distortion. Take Greenland for instance. It looks larger that it actual is. But on A Round Globe, the distortion is not there.


All flat maps present some distortion. It's unavoidable: the world is round. You can't make a flat map without some compromises.


There are many types of maps and most have some distortion somewhere, for shapes try a large globe. Or maps of single countries.


Because in this day and age, everything is a lie. The sun doesn't even glow in the dark, did you know that?