Please help with problem measuring latitude and longitude!?

You are stranded on a remote island with no GPS. You need to know both latitude and longitude to put into your emergency rescue position beacon. You recognize the North Star and measure that the angle from the horizon is to the North Star is 16.7 degrees. You have a watch which is set to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). You measure that the sun is at its highest in the sky (local noon) at 11:30 PM by your GMT watch.


If you are at the NORTH Pole the NORTH star would be directly over head. If you are at the equator it would be barely visible and almost on the horizon. So if you are at 45 degrees north it would be at a 45 degree angle. It is not effected by the seasons. So you are at 16.7 North Latitude. That puts you in the tropics, between the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn. (Look it up.) Now. If your watch is on GMT then at NOON GMT the sun will be directly over head. On the opposite side of the world the sun would be directly over head at Midnight. So you are much close to midnight than you are noon. That puts you in the general ball park of 180 degrees. However that half hour means you are east of the you would be somewhere around 180 minus something EAST longitude. Now the fun part. The world is 360 degrees around. It turns in 24 hours so each hour is 15 degrees of motion. So a half hour would be 7.5 degrees. So 1130 PM is 7.5 degrees less than being totally opposite of GMT. Or 172.5 degrees east longitude. Pretty ball park. If your watch is not accurate or you did not set it to the correct time or your measurement of the north pole is wrong you could be giving them a location that is off by hundreds of miles. A number of the other answers are WRONG because they are thinking AM, not PM. If the sun is more or less overhead at 1130 PM then you are on the opposite side of the word from Greenwich.


The angle made by the North Star from horizon is the latitude. So your latitude will be 16.7° North As for latitude, every hour is 15°. Since you are 30 min ahead of GMT, then you are at 7.5° E


Latitude is 16.7° degrees north, 82.5° east or west. Each hour of latitude is 15° wide, which comes from 180/12. Since the north star is not at the celestial pole. There is an error of several a minute or more in latitude. Also, there are 37 time zones, not 24. That might be irrelevant. OOPS! My senior moments are turning into hours. Latitude is 7.5 degrees east. DUUH! Carol, GMT clock means 24 clock. Other answer should get best answer, unless that is YOUR answer.