Were some stats of usa of spain?

states sorry for mistake

John P

Indeed several parts of what is now the USA were Spanish possessions, long before the USA even existed. That also applies to France, which held several parts of what is now the USA. All those Spanish and French names such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas and Louisville tell you of that heritage. Many Spanish words are in use in American English which are not in use in British English. Words such as: sierra; mesa; lariat; vamoose; rodeo; hombre.


I think you mean 'Were some states of the USA originally Spanish. The answer is YES!!! The Spanish conquered and colonised South & Central America. They slowly colonised northwards. reaching California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico , & Texas. By a separate colonisation they also colonised Florida. This all happened in the 16th & 17th centuries. Eventually many of the places in South & Central America became independent of Spain, forming such countries as Mexico. Where Spainsh is still spoken. Florida was ceded (given up) by Spain in 1819 Texas was annexed from Mexico in 1845 Oregon was annexed in 1846. California, Nevada, Utah, western Colorado, Arizona, & western New Mexico were ceded by Mexxico in 1848 . The southern strip of Arizona & New Mexico was acquired by the Gadsden purchase from Mexico in 1848. The evidence for Spanish colonisation is the modern place names e.g. Los Angeles (The Angels), San Francisco (St. Francis), El Paso, Miami. Hope that helps!!!!


Spanish Louisiana, Florida


No whole states in the USA were Spanish, BUT some territory which eventually became states was originally colonized (or at least claimed) by Spain. This includes parts of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and southern California.