If the square root of n^2 = n. What is n?



A non-negative real number. The square root by convention is considered to be the non-negative root.


√(n²) = n When you ask for "the square root", I'm assuming you meant to use the √ symbol. That function returns the principle (non-negative) square root. So n must be non-negative. Here's why it can't be negative. √[(-7)²] =? -7 √49 =? -7 7 ≠ -7 Answer: n ≥ 0


I agree with the "non-negative" values. if n = -2: √(-2)² = -2 √4 = -2 2 = -2 FALSE n can be any real non-negative value (0 and any positive value will work).

Jeff Aaron

If (sqrt(n))^2 = n, then n can be any complex number. If sqrt(n^2) = n, then n can be any a + bi where a is positive or zero, b is any real number, and i^2 = -1.


If sqrt n^2 = n, n is the square of sqrt n

Ominous Cowherd

It can be any positive number.


√n² = n lnl = n any positive number


N can be any number you want.

Big One 0909

That is like saying you need to drink Pure Water. So make sure there is no Hydrogen Hydroxide in it. It could be any number but Zero.

Spirit of All



Any real number.