To what extent do you think the world would be disrupted if alternative math was introduced, where 2+2 equalled a variety of things? How?



Not old enough to remember the "New Math", I presume.


This kind of alternative math has existed for at least a century, and no one had died from it. Unless you specify linear metrics (where 2+2 = 4), the best you can do is the triangle inequality: 2 + 2 ≤ 4


You'd be able to cut a board a second time and instead of still being too short, it would suddenly be just right.

Campus Crusade 4 Christ

It would play hell with the periodic table. I doubt any of us would survive.

Den B7

It would affect the amount of change I give you at the register.


It's too early to do your homework for you.


None Christians believe 1+1+1=1 and it hasn't impacted the world one little bit.


it would cause more confusion. kinda like how a man could have a penis but say he is really a girl and should be treated as such

The Book of David

Not too much. Anything taught in public school is already denounced as a New World Order conspiracy, and the Holy Trinity broke counting long ago.