A Possible job opportunity requires Hair test for narcotics. Does that mean if I past use of weed then I fail?

I had an interview with a Pharmaceutical company a week ago and once the interview finished the interviewer let me know that the hiring process includes them taking a small chunk of my hair to test for narcotics abuse. Does that mean that if they see that a month ago I had taken two hits of a joint then they’ll auto fail me? Need answers please help


It takes 3 months for drugs to be no longer detectable in a hair follicle test. If you smoked less than 3 months ago they will see that and depending on the company's criteria you might not get the job.


Not necessarily considering how recent laws have changed. But if in the application process you denied use, and it was discovered in the test, that would mean automatic failure.


2 hits won't show up on a hair test.


One wonders if they consider cannabis to be a narcotic.


I heard it can test up to 3 month prior use but I’m not sure if you fall in that window time then no